so it begins.

blueberry yogurt

This photo has nothing to do with this post, besides the fact that it’s what I ate for breakfast today. Low-fat vanilla yogurt with blueberry granola. Both the Target brand because I am cheap AND broke. They go together nicely. 

I began this blog with the best intentions. With plans to post regularly and not just shitty posts either, posts that meant something! Well, I have failed. I have failed myself and you, dear readers (if I even have any). My two accelerated summer courses are coming to an end, my kiddos College for Kids program is over, we will be done with our move by the 30th, and my regular classes don’t start back up for 3 weeks. This all means that I will actually have time to post things on here. Things I enjoy doing, things I am going to show YOU how to do and most importantly, the things I do with my kid.

My first plans are kind of huge. I am going to revamp my sort of white, very saggy couch to its previous glory, except it will be a different color. That’s right, I am going to dye my couch! I thought about re-upholstering it, but I honestly don’t have the willpower, time or money for that right now. When we originally bought this couch off of Craigslist it was white. Very white, and beautiful. And then my kid stepped in and destroyed it slowly. It wasn’t on purpose, he is just very clumsy and there have been many conversations about not eating on the couch, no coloring near the couch, do not touch the couch with paint on your hands FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. But living in a house with two adults who don’t have time to wash it weekly and being “loved” excessively by an 8-year-old have taken its toll on the white couch. The white couch is tired of being stained and ugly. It would much rather be a very pretty slate blue color. So I am ordering the dye from Rit and will attempt it as soon as we move into our new townhouse. I promise to document it in the best way I know how, lots of iPhone photos. I searched high and low for tutorials on how to dye an upholstered couch and came back with very little. I feel I must document this process and put it on the internet in case I accidentally do it right. Then other people can follow my obviously professional example. So stay tuned for that!


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