Hello! My name is Mandi and I’m the creative mind behind this blog as well as my business of the same name. I started an Etsy store this year selling handmade home decor, mouse ears, and chalkboards. I decided to start this blog as an accompaniment to the shop. I know that I like to learn more about the crafters and artists I buy from so I thought I should share a little of my story as well.

I am a mom to a wonderful boy named Ben, and the girlfriend of the best guy I’ve ever met, his name is Dan. We live in Oklahoma but are desperately trying to escape, not only for our sanity but for Ben’s educational opportunities as well. Hopefully this section will soon be updated to say we’ve made it out! I am not from Oklahoma and never expected to live here this long. I never expected to come back after I left the first time, but such is life. I grew up in a military family and have lived all over the United States, moving somewhere between 15-20 times during my younger school years. I have moved quite a bit as an adult as well, with some of my favorites places to live being Kansas City, Portland (my hometown), and Atlanta. I also traveled extensively after moving out of my parents house and lived for short periods of time in a handful of places around the US, ranging from Colorado to Florida. I met Dan in Atlanta and he followed me back to Oklahoma where Ben’s dad lives.

I turned 30 a few years ago and decided it was going to be the year I focused on myself. I quit my corporate job, enrolled full time in school for Graphic Design, and started my Etsy for my own creative outlet. I’m currently trying to figure out if Graphic Design is going to be the career path for me or if I need to follow my life-long interest in Interior Design instead. This is definitely a time of making big decisions and choosing where to focus my attentions.

I hope you’ll choose to follow along on this journey. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!